I called them early Friday morning, they said they would be there in an hour or so.  They came, replaced my water heater and cleaned everything up.  Perfect!

Installed Rinnai water heater (customer supplied) in back of the house. Had service tech from propane company, along with guy from Standard plumbing working on this. Standard Plumbing man routed water to flow thru Rinnai water heater. Heater is mounted to the back of the house. Then the guy had to drill a hole thru the wall of the house to match up with the water piping inside the house. He drilled thru and it was perfectly aligned to the water piping inside the house. I don't know how he did this because he couldn't see thru the wall.  He came inside and completed the piping for the water to flow properly.  When done, he cleaned up everything.  Water heater works like a charm.  I will never have a regular water tank type heater again

Called them out to identify and repair a water leak in my laundry room wall. Plumber had to first locate the source of the water. After doing a thorough search in the area he ended up having to crawl up into my attic where after a bit of searching he was able to identify the problem. He ended up having to re-strap a pipe in my attic and he even discovered and removed a birds nest in my dryer vent. 

License #: 22359


Whats being said on Angie's List

Arrived on time and removed trap under kitchen sink and snaked drain.  I would certainly call them again.

I called about a frozen pipe, he said  he would be there within an hour and was actually there sooner.  He found the problem and was able to fix it and finished very quickly.  I expected the price to be high but he was very reasonable. I will most definitely use him again.

They inspected under my home for a possible leak either to my icemaker or the water pipes or drain from my washing machine.Member Comments: They called me when they were on there way to my home. The two gentlemen arrived on time. One of the men stayed in my kitchen and laundry room area while the other one went under my home. They removed instalation and checked for leaks and any wet spots. They put everything back the way it was and informed me that there were no signs of leaking and nothing was wet or damp. They also informed me that if it continued to show signs or if I did find a leak they would return and fix the leak. They said they would also deduct the amount of money I had already paid from the final bill. I was very pleased with the service I received from them. This was also the second time I had used this company for my plumbing needs.

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